Vote for your favorite Power Rangers, enter to win a gold morpher

Power Rangers Megaforce may not be your cup of tea, but the very anticipated Legend War will be taking place soon, and all of the past rangers are being rehashed in an all out vote. Voting between all of the rangers will eventually lead to a contest between The Final 5, but voting at least 40 times will give you the chance to enter the Sweepstakes. The Grand Prize winner will receive a 24K gold plated Legendary Morpher.  While its not a Mighty Morphin’ morpher (I really want one), it’s still pretty freaking awesome… and I’m still willing to take any kind of free Power Ranger stuff.


To enter the contest, visit the Power Rangers Morphin’ Madness website and start voting. And if I figure out that you’re not choosing MMPR rangers when they appear… Imma hurt you (not really).

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One thought on “Vote for your favorite Power Rangers, enter to win a gold morpher”

  1. Mighty Morphin’ Green Ranger. My Fav I’m 22 and the mmpr green ranger was always my fav Mighty Dragonzord Power ( plays dragon dagger).

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